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Main » 2011 » Rugsėjis » 12 » Hit List (2011)
10:30 AM
Hit List (2011)
filmai-muzika.ucoz.comCharlotte is a woman with anger management issues whose therapist suggests she write a journal to keep her emotions in check. Unlucky in love, she ventures online to find a boyfriend. Just as she reaches her limit of unsuccessful dates, Charlotte meets her soul mate Lyle. Everything is perfect until Lyle finds Charlottes journal and sets out to prove just how deeply he loves her.

Genre: Comedy/Romance.
Director: Minh Collins.
Writer: Thompson Evans.
Stars: Shirly Brener, Joseph Lawrence and Andrea Evans.

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Category: Comedy | Views: 974 | Added by: salmakas | Tags: Charlotte, Minh Collins, Thompson Evans, Hit List (2011), Shirly Brener, Joseph Lawrence, 2011, Andrea Evans, journal | Rating: 0.0/0
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