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Deus Ex

filmai-muzika.ucoz.comDeus Ex looks like a first-person shooter and frequently plays like one. As bionic government agent J.C. Denton, you're issued a series of risky covert assignments by your employer, the United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition (UNATCO). You'll find a wide variety of melee weapons, pistols, rifles, experimental guns, and explosives over the course of your missions, and you'll also get to use an assortment of miscellaneous high-tech equipment for infiltration and espionage. While J.C. can immediately use any item or weapon he finds, he's initially inexperienced with most of them. Fortunately, J.C. earns skill points for completing his various objectives, and these can be applied at any time to augment J.C.'s various special abilities and combat skills up through four levels of proficiency. Denton might also encounter various weapon modifications during his missions, which can slightly improve his weapons' kick, reload rate, and range, as well as add features like a silencer and a laser sight. You can apply additional modifications to the same weapon, and together with the ability to improve your skill with that particular weapon type, eventually you can go from being a lousy shot to a deadly sniper. But in choosing that route, you will forgo specializing in such skills as computer hacking, lockpicking, and swimming, which are some of the skills that you can apply in order to completely circumvent a lot of potentially violent situations in the game.

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